WiFi Networks

9282070-networking.pngPerfect Wi-Fi All Around Your Home

With so many of today's products needing to connect to the internet it's never been more important to have good Wi-Fi coverage. Our Wi-Fi networks ensure all your devices can connect to the internet with the fastest connection and without drop outs. We can deliver Wi-Fi to every corner of your home and even into the far ends of your garden if required!

Wi-Fi Routers

With so many Wi-Fi routers provided free by broadband providers it's no surprise that Wi-Fi coverage around the home is poor. Add to that an increasing number of smart devices all trying to connect to the internet wirelessly which results in the problem only getting worse. We can provide a built proof solution that won't let you down regardless of property size and type, we have the solution for you.

Access Points

Our Wi-Fi networks revolve around "Access Points" which sit in various locations around your home. So rather than rely on a Wi-Fi signal transmitted from just the router location we provide a Wi-Fi network through multiple locations around your home from carefully positioned access points. Access points are small devices that can be mounted on the ceiling (like a smoke detector), wall or discretely positioned under furniture. They enable your smartphones, tablets, audio systems, TVs, heating system, and/or security cameras (& any other Wi-Fi enabled device you cna think of!) to all connect back to your router without suffering connection problems. 


Wi-Fi Check

What next? The best place to start is with our Wi-Fi Test Service to discover where best to position the access points, how many are required and which access points are best for your property. Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a Wi-Fi test on 01252 811800 or visit our showroom.8154909-map.png