Why Buy Online?

We love demostrations that's why our products are available to see, hear & feel in our showroom in Fleet, Hampshire. We believe that our products deserve to be seen & heard before making your final decision. The internet & review sites are a good place to start but you can easily opt for the wrong product if you solely rely on this method.




Hear the difference

Come instore and have a listen to your favourite track, test out a movie and feel the power of the bass. Turn on the sub & feel the difference, switch on surround speakers to get a more imersive experience.

Make an informed decision based on your own experience without relying on someone else's opinion.

Of course our expert knowledge is available to assist you with any queries you have along the way.

See the difference

Choose the right screen size for your room & your preference. We have all the major sizes on display and our expert guidance to help you understand the difference between the varying technologies.

Most of our TVs are displayed in a home style setting with regular demonstration content you would be able to experience at home-so you know exactly what to expect.

Feel the difference

Get the feeling when you know you've purchased the right product. We ensure you'll be delilghted with your new purchase & can help you with installation to ensure your new purchase is running at its best from day 1.