Sonos audio for your home, great for music, podcasts, radio & TV. Create your perfect audio system for your home in either one room or every room! Available instore for demonstration.

Create your perfect Audio system

Single speaker or multi room audio system? What to enhance your TV sound with clarity and depth? Maybe a speaker in the Bedroom, Kitchen or perhaps a portable speaker to move around your home? Sonos audio products are scaleable, easy to use and offer outstanding sound qualilty, that's why they're our go to audio product.

Speakers Range

Sonos active speakers just require a power source, except the portable range, and Wi-Fi coverage together with the free Sonos App on your smartphone or tablet. Access the music you love in one room or everyroom. Build a system up gradually if you prefer or enjoy Sonos all around your home from day 1!

Sonos Home Cinema speakers, Soundbars, Soundbar with surround speakers, Soundbar with Sub and surround - you decide the size of your system to fit your room and person requirements. Available instore for demonstration to help you decide which product setup meets your needs.

Home Cinema Solutions

Whether you're looking for a simple upgrade on your TV speakers or a full Dolby Atmos cinema solution Sonos audio products are a great option. Choose your soundbar, add optional surround speakers and/or optional subwoofer(s) to create the experience you require. Easy to use & virtually cable free compared to traditional setups.